Gone to arctic regions in my mind

I spent last night at a friend’s house in Tryon, NC and woke up this morning to the welcome embrace of 60-degree weather. How long has it been since I sat outside on a cool morning, drinking a cup of coffee and reading a book? Hundreds of years, by my count.

There’s a professional theater in Juneau, Alaska called Perseverance Theatre where the new tech director is a guy named Ken Poston. I’ve known Ken for 30 years or so and when he called me a few days ago to say he’d moved to Alaska, I felt a twinge of wanderlust. I may be one-quarter Hispanic, but I’m three-quarters northern European and I yearn for cooler temperatures. Y

es, February in Juneau might be more of a good thing than would be ideal, but August in Juneau might be just what the doctor ordered.