Half a show, a walk and some coffee

Some friends and I went out of town today for an afternoon of theater. My curiosity satisfied, I took a walk at intermission and failed to make it back in time for the second act. Instead I toured the town peeking in shop windows and reading inscriptions. I found a time capsule slated for exhumation in 2032. Those things creep me out.

The coffee bar nearby was a welcome surprise, even with the contemporary Christian music played there just loud enough to make it impossible to ignore. It should be noted that I leave shows at intermission far more often than I stay and it should be further noted that I mean no offense.

I left Christian Slater’s production of Side Man on Broadway and routinely walk out on movies. I suspend disbelief with difficulty and it’s hardest for me to do so at a live performance. Apologies, Christian. If you call again, I promise to pick up.