Ridden hard, put away dry

The Muse and me after several weeks in the Painted Desert.

As I was telling a friend recently, arts administration is a young person’s game. I’ve worked harder in the last several weeks than at any time in recent memory. In fact, the last time my nose was pressed this hard to the grindstone, I was artistic director of a small touring theater company in the early 90’s … more arts administration, coincidentally enough. But the season brochure is put to bed, the television interviews are lined up for the season, the first show’s print ads and billboards are designed and placed and, perhaps most important of all, I now have a marketing checklist I can use for future shows. Anyway, I’m a bit fried right now. I need to build up my reserves for a little while. Feeling dry. The Muse doesn’t care, though. She got what she wanted. She always does.