Just the whiskey talkin’

The spirit of Christmas past.
The spirit of Christmas past.

I recently heard cited the popular myth that demon rum possesses people, causing them to utter thoughts not their own.

Speaking as the son of two alcoholics, may God rest their oft-troubled souls, I can assure you that alcohol has no mind of its own. It loosens filters and relaxes governors, allowing those “possessed” by it to more freely speak their own minds. Their own minds. In some cases, what’s released is funny and affectionate. In other cases not. But it’s all there all the time, whatever it may be, even when the bottle is on the shelf.


In our other headlines …

The business cards arrived this week and look great!

  • Hamlet line memorization is nearly done.
  • Did some YouTube research on film versions of the Gravedigger scene, but after watching the versions involving Lawrence Olivier, Nicol Williamson, Kenneth Branagh, Mel Gibson,
  • Kevin Kline and even Steve Martin (LA Story), I’m sorry to say that I found no inspiration.
  • Drove my car today for the first time since December 5.
  • Won’t be grilling steaks tomorrow night with my friend Peter because he’s come down with a cold. Poor Peter. Poor me.