Something I'm working on for Centre Stage. (Click images for larger versions.)
Something I’m working on for Centre Stage. (Click images for larger versions.)

Sanford Herald article run prior to opening. Nice to see my photography played large.On Sunday, March 15, we bid a fond farewell to our director, Craig Rhyne. He’d stayed to shepherd us through the first week of Moonlight and given us lovely parting gifts … a bright new copy of GWTW and a bottle of Director’s Cut chardonnay. What a mensch! I sincerely hope to work with this man again.

Yesterday, today and tomorrow, I’m back in Greenville for a busy break prior to the third and final week of our run, a run I’m told has exceeded Temple’s expectations in just about every respect. A few of my Greenville peeps have indicated that they might drive to Sanford to see the show, which is a fairly big deal considering the 500-mile round-trip commute. I get a little verklempt thinking about it. Oy.

(Post-fundraiser update: Over $24K was raised, which exceeded expectations.)


Project Reconnect

Received a wonderful reply to an email I sent to my high school headmaster, C.E. Owens, III. He’s now an Episcopalian priest and just as wise and gracious as I remember him. Other reconnections include fellow alumni Scott Burns, Jodie Gochnauer and Pam Atkins. Scott briefly considered joining me with his soon-to-be-ex-wife at the X-Conference this April in Maryland, but prior commitments won out. Instead, he and I might travel to Bryson City some day soon to visit with our class valedictorian Rachel Lackey at Sabbath House, the retreat she runs with her husband. Tomorrow night, I’ll have dinner with Yvonne Chapman, another old friend with whom I’d lost touch for years before a letter from her showed up in my email box a few days ago.


West End Movies

At long last, Greenville has an art house cinema. West End Movies opened today on Main Street. I attended the opening and ran into BJ (not surprisingly … it was an arts-related event, after all). I didn’t stay for the movie, but did leave my card with the owner inviting him to put me on the mailing list. As I said to BJ, Greenville now has everything that I require of a city … an excellent coffee house (the Underground), an art house cinema, a choice of live theaters, good bagels and a cool place for me to live. It doesn’t hurt that Main Street is so extremely inviting and that the corridor includes Falls Park. Moving to Greenville is one of the better decisions I’ve made in the last several years.


The bachelor’s kitchen

The bachelor's refrigerator need not be filled with beer and takeout boxes.When my realtor friend Brenda Busby first showed me the condo I was destined to buy, she opened the refrigerator and remarked, “A bachelor must live here.” Sure enough, a takeout box, some beer and assorted condiments were all the former occupant had on hand. The stove was spotless and the freezer was empty … signs of non-use, rather than cleanliness. I often think of that moment when I buy groceries or cook. At present, I’m happy to report that the refrigerator’s featured contents include a pot of chicken creole and a pan of chocolate-covered strawberries.