One poor correspondent

Here's a look at the entire marketing campaign for the upcoming Centre Stage production of Mauritius. (Click images for larger versions.)
Here’s a look at the entire marketing campaign for the upcoming Centre Stage production of Mauritius. (Click images for larger versions.)
Mauritius poster variation #2 Mauritius poster variation #3Mauritius full-page tabloid adMauritius 2-column tabloid ads (series of 3)
Mauritius ourdoor boardMauritius banner (4x8-foot)Mauritius lobby board (26x26")Mauritius rack card (5K mailing)

My nearly two-month absence from the blogosphere has not been for lack of things to write about. Au contraire. I’ve had too much to write about … and no time to do the writing. Highlights include …

  • Having my life threatened (sort of) by a guy who subsequently disappeared entirely from my world. This adventure involved a 3-week hiatus from the theater while said guy’s ultimate disposition remained in question.
  • Embarking on a soon-to-be $3K bathroom renovation, which work is still in progress. And to be sure, I’m looking forward to the “ebony pearl” Silestone countertops, but lord … three thousand dollars?!!
  • Selling the old Wheat Street house in Columbia, then having the sale fall through when the buyer was unable to get necessary paperwork from Kuwait. (And now, two months after the contract was signed, my beautiful granite bungalow is back up for sale while I wrangle with the unsuccessful buyer over her ernest money. My attorney is Greek, though, so I will prevail. Whatever that means.)
  • Completing the season graphics for our (and yes, I’m once again referring to Centre Stage in the first person plural) 09-10 season, a project that involved not one, not two, but three photo shoots. This is significant because, after well over five years in storage, my studio equipment is busy again, and I’m shooting frames the way the big boys do … with a sync chord.
  • Designing a wedding reception invitation for a friend, Frances Simon, whom I met through BJ Koonce. Frances went to college with BJ back in The Day.
  • Completing the upfitting of Buren Martin’s scene shop (aka my shop equipment’s new home) in Inman. My first two projects were an HVAC intake mask for the condo and a steering wheel unit for the Driving Miss Daisy promo photo shoot. Eventually, I’ll build a modular stage for Buren’s 1920’s-era gymnasium-turned-performance-space.

I’ll write more about all these things in the weeks to come, but first I need to get closure on a few of them. It’s raining deadlines.

(Oh … and before I forget … I discovered a delightful blog a few days ago. It’s written by Anna Beth Bonney, who played Luisa opposite my El Gallo a few years ago at Centre Stage.

Do yourself a favor and check it out.)