MUFON meeting preflight check

One theme we considered for last year's fundraiser was this one. It was rejected, of course.
One theme we considered for last year’s fundraiser was this one. It was rejected, of course.

The plan is to drive up to Cornelius, NC this Saturday with Peter Saputo to sit in on North Carolina MUFON’s statewide meeting. The reality, however, is that I think I’m coming down with a cold … again … having (I thought) completely recovered from one about 24 hours ago. But yesterday’s marketing meeting was stressful for the second week in a row and it was preceded by a stressful telephone conversation with the guy who manages our building, so that by mid-day, I’d flooded my bloodstream with plenty of whatever it is we produce when we’re stressed. A sucker punch to the immune system, I think. Why can’t everybody just do what I want them to do and be happy about it?

Looking on the bright side, the roof repair guys are supposed to be at the condo tomorrow morning to fix the leak in my roof. (Note to God: Places like this should never, ever have leaky roofs. It’s ridiculous.) And the new sign I ordered for the elevator arrived. It’s now affixed to the elevator wall above the fireman buttons … all-aluminum and a vast improvement over its white plastic predecessor. Little things like that bother me. And since I know they don’t bother other people nearly as much, I sometimes take matters into my own hands. As I did by replacing the elevator sign myself, rather than waiting for the property management company to do it. Ask forgiveness later, that’s my policy.

An acquaintance of mine who also grew up with alcoholism and also has control issues is dealing with her own stressors – and there are many just now – extremely well. I’m always impressed whenever anybody can disengage and compartmentalize. I used to think I had that ability, but I’ve decided that I was suppressing. It looked like disengagement from the outside, but on the inside, it was nothing of the sort.