Like kings

2010It might snow tomorrow. 30% chance. But there’s a 100% chance that it will be bitterly cold. Wind chills today in the single digits. One major advantage of living where I do is that my electric bills during the winter (when I’m quite content to let the inside temperature hover around 63) are about $25/month. Compare that to mid-winter utility bills (gas plus electric) at the old Wheat Street house of over $200. Yikes.

I’ve spent the majority of my creative energies the last several days writing and laying out a challenge campaign brochure for Centre Stage. The campaign, gloriously ambitious as it is, puts me in mind of a Far Side cartoon I’d love to email to the fundraising committee. In the cartoon, two tiny spiders have strung a delicate web at the bottom of a playground slide. One spider says to the other, “If we pull this off, we’ll eat like kings.”