Corporate tweeting

Rock ‘n Roll Heaven moved into the theater on Monday and will remain there until March 13. There are 4,275 seats to be sold over the course of the show’s 15-performance run, but initial box office activity gives cause for optimism. As of close of business yesterday, 1,022 reservations had been taken.

We’re throwing every marketing trick in the book at this production. Everything except Twitter. When a member of the production staff asked yesterday if we were tweeting the show, my response was that there are no hours left in the day for that. We’re doing all one reasonably can be expected to do in 70 hours a week and, really, how many more tickets might we sell by broadcasting snippets like, “Set construction underway. OMG!” or “Outdoor boards go up today.” or “Rockin’ the playbill now.”

My gut tells me that people are far less interested in organizational tweets than those of individuals. Let the Supreme Court rule as it will about the First Amendment rights of corporations (ref: Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, No. 08-205), the question remains …Does the average consumer really give a rat’s ass about whether the average corporation is enjoying its day? I think not.