Coming attractions

Coming attraction: In a world ...
Coming attraction: In a world …

The “coming attraction” boxes that flank the front doors offer reassuring images of Jesus Christ, but the marquee suggests a duality: “Home of UCW”.

I googled UCW and the first link I found was to an organization that appears to be concerned with violations of child labor laws. Could that be it?

No, I decided. Backward though Upstate South Carolina may be in certain respects, its children are rather too spherical to be the victims of anything involving labor.

I passed also on Underground Championship Wrestling. Their photos of speedo-clad male models promising “hot, high-energy wrestling action” and “groans and screams and submissions (that) are genuine” … too overtly gay to be doing business less than a block away from the Inman Volunteer Fire Department.


The most likely link in the list was to Upstate Championship Wrestling. A Myspace page. The status update there, posted 19 hours prior to this writing, reads as follows: the show went pretty good made the dabetes people some money