Pimp My Reality

Pimp My Reality column masthead at Technorati.com
Pimp My Reality column masthead at Technorati.com

About a week ago, Bradford Schmidt, the Technology editor at Technorati.com asked me if I’d be interested in having my own feature section devoted to ufology. I’d been contributing to Technorati on and off since April, mostly stories pertaining to UFO’s, so I told him I would.

He asked me what I’d like to call the section and yesterday I emailed him suggesting that we call it “Pimp my reality.”

I’ve yet to hear back from him on that, but I’m optimistic. As you can see, the graphics I’ve used for the section’s banner are derived from the upcoming Centre Stage fundraiser. Reuse, recycle.

Owing to my desire that the new section have a decent selection of articles when it launches, the last 48 hours have been a whirl of emails, calls, research and writing. About 3,000 words cranked out in toto, which is a shitload for me. (Isn’t that a standard unit of measurement? Shitload? I think it is.)