It’s the heat that makes me feel this way. Soft and sleepy and sticky and dirty and slow. I really, really, really dislike hot weather. I really, really, really miss fall and winter. Gotta wait another four or five months for relief, though. No way around it.

The beard that disappeared last month is returning. Who can shave every day when it’s hot like this? So I sit in the cool, dry, dark quiet of my condo cave and grow whiskers.


The Pimp My Reality feature at Technorati continues, though not at the furious pace it did the first week. An article or two per week is comfortable. Eventually, I’d like to recruit more writers.


Almost wrote a blog piece about Memorial Day. Somebody forwarded me one of those “in praise of our troops” things and I had my typical allergic reaction. It talked about how people enter the military because they love America and want to defend it with their lives. Stuff like that.