Being amazed

My Amtrack passenger friend has decided to run a full-page ad in the next issue of the SCASA quarterly and he asked me to do the design. A stock photo (shown at right) spoke to me, so the ad became “You’ll be amazed.”

I’m kind of amazed that I’m still making a living, however modest, as a creative. When does the other shoe drop, I wonder? When does somebody step out of the shadows to ask me for my papers and, finding that I haven’t had a “real job” in over a decade, send me off to a work camp where I’m forced to add columns of numbers for the rest of my life?


Today I wrote a storyboard for a 20-second YouTube video that Don Koonce will pitch to a client on Monday. If the client buys into the concept, we should have a lot of fun producing it, but odds are that a more conservative approach will be requested. It makes me wonder how many other promising ideas have been smothered in their cradles down through the ages. I shudder to think.