Back in 2007 I think it was, I created a page for myself on Wikipedia. Just basic stuff. Date of birth, parents, alma mater. I also included a few samples of music I’d sequenced for touring shows, a list of plays I’d written. And of course a flattering photo of myself.
I did this because I’m vain.

Then, several months ago, I noticed that my page had been flagged by the Wikipedia police. Not enough footnotes, one flag said. Written by somebody who’s closely connected to the subject matter, said another. One said this: “For someone who has done all these things, there is, apparently, no newspaper or other reporting of them. It makes me wonder how real they are.”

I spent a few hours collecting links to sites where my work as a writer and performer is mentioned, but to no avail. Yesterday, I was deleted from Wikipedia.

The killshot was that my small accomplishments, while more or less verifiable, have been inadequately noted by secondary sources. Absence of note, you see, implies absence of notability and non-notable people aren’t allowed to have pages on Wikipedia.

I have a friend who gets a kick out of calling me Mr. Cellophane. Turns out he’s right. Google me today you’d find a link to a page on Wikipedia where my non-notability is a matter of public record.

Sic transit gloria mundi.