The talk

Half a mile down, miner #21 of 33 boards the rescue capsule Phoenix.
Half a mile down, miner #21 of 33 boards the rescue capsule Phoenix.

As I write this, 20 of the 33 miners trapped for over two months under half a mile of Chilean bedrock have been rescued.
Half a mile. Two months. Bobbles the mind, as a friend used to say.

Should we be ashamed that yesterday, even as the first miner was being pulled to safety, we allowed ourselves to be distracted by Gap’s decision not to change its logo after all?

Here’s from Gap North America President Marka Hansen: “Now, given the passionate outpouring from customers that followed, we’ve decided to engage in the dialogue, take their feedback on board and work together as we move ahead and evolve to the next phase of Gap.”

Which translates from corporate mumbo-speak as: “We screwed the pooch on this one. No pictures, please.”

Two things … First, which Laird & Partners account executive was responsible for scheduling the new logo’s debut (and hasty retraction) to coincide with the final moments of the Chilean mine saga? That person should be fired. Second, which Laird & Partners copywriter composed Hansen’s “engage in the dialogue” speech? That person should be given a raise.

Wait, though. There’s a third thing. The “passionate outpouring,” which I kind of think is not hyperbole. The fact that we seem to give a damn about how Gap evolves itself … at this particular moment … yes, we should be ashamed.