If you can make it there

Monica Wyche and Dean Poyner, the actress and the playwright, now ply their trades in New York City and, judging from their blogs (Monica’s here, Dean’s here), city life agrees with them.

Monica and I did a show together some years ago. She’s excellent. Dean I don’t know so well, but I did attend a staged reading of one of his plays in Greenville last year (or I think it was last year) and I enjoyed it very much. All theatrical couples should be so lucky. Both of them talented, friendly, energetic, smart, attractive.

Dean emailed me many months ago to ask if I was going to audition for a production of a play he’d written, which was flattering. I congratulated him on his marriage to Monica, then jokingly suggested that he should drop dead soon so that others might have a shot at her.


Okay, maybe that line wasn’t as funny in print as it sounded in my head.

The quasi-conciliatory posts that I left at Dean’s blog went unacknowledged, so another bridge burned, I suppose. One less folding chair to rent for my memorial service.


Is it possible that Robert Schuller’s Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove, California has filed for bankruptcy? I’d like to believe that Jesus has come back as an economic downturn to evict the money changers from the temple one more time, but I have the faith of a mustard seed and my imagination isn’t that good.