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A few members of my tribe are struggling just now. Health problems, financial problems.

We earn our livings by dint of our imaginations, so our incomes rarely exceed our expenses and our insurance polcies, when we have them, cover our assets about as modestly as hospital gowns. There’s no margin for error.

Reading Sister Carrie last week, I was reminded of how quickly and completely a person can spiral down.

Still, “he who does not consider himself fortunate is unfortunate,” right? That’s how Samuel Butler put it. Which brings me to Ben Rand’s eulogy in the movie “Being There” … “Life is a state of mind.”

It really doesn’t do us any good “to wring our hands over the far-off things,” I don’t think. My own state of mind is that I’m damn lucky to be a working artist and double-damn lucky to have a few good friends and a modest but comfortable lifestyle.


Speaking of riches, homeless man Ted Williams’ golden voice is a great gift to us. Not because he has a great voice, but because he’s redemption personified. And his mother is right out of Central Casting!


Last week’s still photography shoot for the Fountain Inn History Center’s fundraising brochure went well. Click thumbnail images to see samples and click here to see a layout progress proof.