En route

Now beginning my third day on the road, wandering aimlessly as I sometimes do. At the moment, I’m in Asheville, waiting for the restaurant called Posana Cafe to open. They make a big deal of their gluten-free menu, so that’s where I’ll have breakfast. Really good biscuits, if it’s the place that I think it is.

Yesterday, I enjoyed a long talk with an old friend. One of several attempts I’ve made lately to articulate why the dire straits of others have been spooking me so. As if I’m walking through a war zone uniquely unscathed. Am I blessed? Am I cursed? What the hell?

Another friend believes that I’ve yet to recover from Centre Stage. I need to put more distance between now and then, she says. Could be. Honestly, though, all I can say for sure is that my own circumstances are discomfitingly out of sync with those of most of the people with whom I have any regular contact. Lack of misery loves company, too, you know.