Don’t worry, be happy

How clear is your memory of the 1988 presidential election? Mine is fading fast, but I do remember that George H.W. Bush adopted “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” as his official campaign song. For a moment. He later disowned it when songwriter Bobby McFerrin complained.

That possibly calculated gaffe by The Decider’s father leapt to mind this morning as I was watching the Diebold election fraud documentary “Hacking Democracy.” It struck me that, to those who persist in the belief that we live in a democracy (or a representative democracy, or a republic, or whatever you want to call it… you know what I’m talking about) … to those people, I’m delusional.

Fortunately for me, however, I’m also beyond worry or unhappiness. I’m politically indifferent, except to the extent that I sometimes blog upstream in what I think of as the river of lies. It’s a self-serving gesture, without doubt. I’m pinching myself, making sure that I’m still awake.

“My crazy,” as a friend calls it, is wide ranging, too. UFO’s, 9-11, on and on. Consensus reality and I fell out of love decades ago and we’re still not on speaking terms.