Next stop, Pedroland

The cast and crew of “Taken In” convenes at South of the Border this Wednesday, kicking off a six-day shoot that director Chris White has warned repeatedly “will be exhausting.”

Okay, already.

As the oldest member of the raiding party and the only one among us who has dietary restrictions (aka “a health concern”), I do wonder if he’s talking mainly to me … the sick old man … who lobbied for a private room … and refused to cut his beard … and asked to be reimbursed for an unauthorized expense at today’s third and final production meeting.

My people skills are of a very high order, it’s true.

Regardless, I’ll continue to roll with the process. That’s an agreement I made with myself when I signed on … to roll with it.

“Be good to each other,” Chris says, not that anybody seems about to do otherwise. Kudos for that. And bonus points for the printed meeting agendas. Double bonus points for respecting our time.

Worst case, we’ll spend a week at America’s quirkiest destination motel and walk away with nothing to show for it but memories. Best case, we’ll catch lightning in a bottle.