Showing my ass

I wasn’t expecting to have any down time to speak of, but the schedule we got last night at dinner has me called for only two hours today, which seems pretty day-offy after the 14-hour shift we pulled yesterday.

Most of it I spent running around South of the Border wearing nothing but a quilt. This followed my shot-through-the-wavy-glass-door shower scene and my getting-out-of-the-shower-and-walking-into-the-motel-bedroom scene. Which means that the film “Taken In” will include a memorable view of Tim Brosnan standing fully naked, hands on hips, dripping wet. From behind.

To repeat … from behind.

As a lifelong opponent of nudity on stage, I’m well aware of how … inconsistent? … hypocritical? … (fill in the blank) … it seems … or is … that I’d allow myself to be photographed in this way. Here’s how I find peace with the decision:

  1. I make a sharp distinction between nudity on stage and nudity on screen. It’s one thing to see a moving picture of a naked human being, it’s quite another to share the same airspace with one.
  2. Mooning, hip-huggers, thongs and the like have so desensitized us to the sight of a person’s bare bottom that it almost doesn’t matter anymore.
  3. My particular middle-aged male behind is played for laughs. Key factors all: middle-aged, male, behind, laughs.
  4. Nobody really gives a damn.

In case you’re curious, no women were present during filming and nobody touched my junk.