1925. Sidney Lust's Leader Theater in D.C. Feedback at this screening of "The Air Mail" probably wasn't very constructive.
1925. Sidney Lust’s Leader Theater in D.C. Feedback at this screening of “The Air Mail” probably wasn’t very constructive.

Yesterday, one of the two films that I did back in March (a student short titled “Lilly”) was screened at the Fine Arts Center. I wasn’t there, but Chris White was, so maybe I’ll get some feedback on it from him. Meanwhile, I’ve asked student director Weston Catron to send me a DVD. I’m curious to know if he or his teachers are aware of how famous my friend Michael Craig, the film’s central character, has become and why.

Speaking of feedback, here’s from Chris White’s invitation to screenings of his own film next month … “Only offer feedback if asked. If not asked, compliment the artist’s work extremely specifically … There is no need to assert your expertise, or validity as a feedbacker … Always assume that the artist intended his work to be good …  be sure to provide sound, objective reasoning for your ideas …”

Of course I haven’t seen the guest list, nor do I have any screening experience. Maybe this is usual. He does stop short of requiring that all feedback begin with “Mother, may I …”

(Kidding, Chris! Kidding!)