Falling Skies (on the other hand)

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Something occurred to me as I was watching the second installment of Falling Skies – and by “second installment,” I mean what’s confusingly referred to as “episode three,” since the pilot consisted of episodes one and two aired back-to-back on the same night. Why not just call the pilot “episode one”? Maybe because that would have made it harder for iTunes to justify charging us double for downloading the pilot, who knows?

iTunes, incidentally, is the only way to watch Falling Skies online, bootleg notwithstanding. No free streaming at TNT,  which was never the case and continues not to be the case at NBC for The Event, may it rest in peace. Plenty of swag for sale, though, at the Falling Skies website, and plenty of ways to be kept apprised of future swag-buying opportunities.

Download videoblog script as PDF