Reality bytes back

Pimp My Reality ... in Fete ... telling you exactly what you need to know.
Pimp My Reality … in Fete … telling you exactly what you need to know.

A Greenville acquaintance who summers slightly west of the west coast reached me through my contact form over the weekend to say a few words about J. Michael Craig. (Ref.04/27/11 post.) Like me, she believes that he’s innocent and she speaks disapprovingly of the implicit “witch hunt.” How refreshing. Others have been not so refreshing, especially those who should know better. Under similar circumstances and with about as much information to go on, these same people might assume me to be a bank robber or a trafficker in exotic animals. I’m neither, of course, but that wouldn’t matter to someone who’s predisposed to believe the worst of me or too lazy to think for themselves. (And seriously, had I known that my suitcase was full of baby pandas, I wouldn’t have tried to get it through customs, now would I?)

We also have our addictions to feed. If it bleeds, it leads. It’s so much more stimulating to think that we’ve rubbed elbows with monsters than with ordinary human beings.

Anyway, my friend says that she’ll be making a small contribution to Mr. Craig’s defense fund. He’s trying to raise several tens of thousands of dollars to hire a private attorney because the public defender appointed for him appears to suck.  I tell you, friend, until you have first-hand experience of someone snared by our vaunted legal system, it’s easy to forget how hollow that “liberty and justice for all” thing can be. Justice, like health, is a commodity, pure and simple. And as for “innocent until proven guilty” … (insert laugh track here).


Our work with the Applied Theatre Center continues apace. So much of the marketer’s time is spent spinning half-truths that it’s good to be involved with a client whose truth requires no spin. It helps also that Executive Director Dale Savidge totally gets what we do. He works with it and within it, increasing and multiplying it. Sort of like what the Holy Spirit might do if … Hey, wait a minute …?!


It’s official. Pimp My Reality will return, for one issue at least, as a full-page spread in next month’s edition of Fete. Video embedded, two of my favorite topics combined. Editor Jay Spivey assures me that the package is a perfect fit for his magazine and I take him at his word. All that remains to be seen is whether I’ve managed to offend anybody. Oplease-oplease-oplease!