Tract, vodka, bullet

First week found items: All suffering soon to end
First week found items: All suffering soon to end

Remarkably little has changed in downtown Sanford, NC since I was here two and a half years ago. The James House seems frozen in time. The Java Express, now Kathy’s Java Express, has a new coat of paint, but otherwise is pretty much as I remember it. Streetside parking still as plentiful as ever.

According to a tract left at the James House on the day I arrived, all suffering is “SOON TO END!” Glad to hear it. The nearly empty bottle of cake-flavored vodka in the kitchen is harder to interpret. (Our master electrician says there’s also a whipped cream-flavored vodka that mixes with various liqueurs to extraordinary effect.)

And what to make of the live bullet I found on the sidewalk just a block away from the theater? Tract, vodka, bullet. A rather creepy progression.

But cake flavored vodka.

Maybe that makes a difference.