Moving pictures

With three gigs lined up in advance of the equipment’s arrival, early indications are that what was conceived many months ago as an expensive hobby might become a revenue stream .

My involvement with Chris White’s no-budgetindy pic, Taken In, last March might have been the tipping point. I’d produced several promotional videos for Center Stage prior, then several webcam-based shorts for Technorati and Jay Spivey’s webzine fête thereafter, but Taken In was my first in-depth exposure to the fuller creative potential of the medium. (Documentarian Don Koonce, I should add, has served as a constant reminder of the medium’s income potential, as well as the importance of high production standards.) Long story short, I’ll be shooting HD video by the end of next month. Real studio stuff with lights and lavalier mics.

With all due respect to Chris, Jay and Don, however, the Muse is what’s driving this thing. I remain hers truly. As always.