London calling … via New York … via the Pleiades

The casting producer
The casting producer

I took a call today from a reality television casting producer. She works out of New York for a UK-based company called Raw TV and said that she’d seen a few of my YouTube videos. “You seem like a neat guy,” she said. So true, so true.

The casting producer and I chatted very amiably for 20 minutes or more about my not terribly impressive, but still rather above-average ufology pedigree because — and here’s where it gets really interesting (to me, at any rate) — she’s helping to assemble the “B” team for a UFO investigation series now in development. A “B” team comprised of fresh faces, aka “unknowns,” which I think it’s fair to say I am.

We’ll meet again via Skype on Wednesday afternoon to record my initial job interview. After that … who knows?

The odds of anything coming of this are miniscule, certainly, but let’s just say, just for the sake of argument, that the stars do align …

Holy crap!