Yes, but who’s the OTHER woman?

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s official (I guess that’s the term) sign language interpereter is a woman named Lydia Callas. She acquired what the blogosphere is referring to as a “fan base” during Bloomberg’s recent Sandy-related press conferences, easily upstaging the expressionless mayor with her expressive signing. These things I learned today by googling “Bloomberg’s African-American sign language interpreter” and finding nothing but hit after hit for Callas, who I’m guessing is Hispanic, and who wasn’t the person I was looking for, anyway.

And why was I googling thusly? Simple. I’d seen only one Bloomberg press conference at that point and Callas wasn’t the interpreter. Another woman was. An African-American woman whose identity I’ve yet to determine, so eclipsed is she in the monolithic media by Planet Lydia, but who I must assume wasn’t available when Callas was hired. If she had been, she’d be the one with the fan base right now because, with apologies to Ms. Callas, Madame X has got it goin’ on.