Tiny Town again

“Write Tiny Town script” has been at or near the top of my short-term list of things to do since at least December 14. You have such a list, don’t you? As an appendix to your long-term list? You don’t? Shame on you.

The idea was to produce something for fêteprobably another psychotherapy session, probably about me being scarred by my exposure to an extraordinarily tacky Christmas lawn display. But the more I futzed with the script, the snarkier it got, and I need less snarkiness in my life, quite frankly.

So I’ve abandoned the psychotherapy idea in favor of a glorified slide show. A fall-back, true, but not a disgrace. It’s the best way that I’ve come up with thus far to express the way that Tiny Town makes me feel. And now, dear readers, I hope to put the whole matter behind me.