Chemtrail grid
Chemtrail grid

A friend sent me a link last night to a half-hour radio interview with Dane Wigington of Global Skywatch. Wigington believes that a major extinction event is about to take place as the direct result of misguided (or perhaps well-guided and nefarious) weather modification programs, particularly those involving chemtrails.

Since it seems certain that Wigington’s data would be available to whomever might be releasing aluminum nanoparticles into the upper atmosphere, what are the possibilities? That the geoengineers agree with Wigington’s conclusions, but don’t care? That they want to bring about a major extinction event? Or could it be that they genuinely disagree with his conclusions?

If they wipe us out, they’ll wipe themselves out, too, won’t they? Or do they have that base covered? Underground, I mean. Some would argue that the goal of geoengineering is to decrease the population by some predetermined amount as part of a planet-wide social engineering project. Others believe that the elite have been busy colonizing distant planets for decades and have far less interest in the health of this one than we do. Wigington himself implies a more prosaic explanation … the geoengineers are quite literally insane.

Honestly, ALL these scenarios seem plausible to me, some more than others on a given day depending on whether my breakfast omelet has been prepared to my satisfaction. (It’s such a simple thing, my breakfast omelet, but sometimes they get it wrong.) Do I believe that 99% of the planet is asleep inside a matrix of false reality? Absolutely. Do I believe that I’m a member of the wakeful 1%? I do, but now it’s as if I’m walking through a blizzard. I’m disoriented. Shapes and distances are indistinct. Voices are very, very hard to understand.

So I go with my gut. I don’t think it’s possible for any human being to assimilate all the information necessary to form purely information-based opinions about so many issues … environment, economy, healthcare, agriculture, government, … a thousand others … a million. We’re not wired to interact with our environment in that way anyway … we’re creatures of instinct. Western thought has marginalized instinct, made it look silly, depriving us of full use of what I instinctively believe is our primary guidance system.

My gut tells me that we’re being lied to as a matter of course. I can’t state that emphatically enough ... as a matter of course. Every president, every senator, every representative and government official is suspect. My gut tells me that all the corporate media and half of the alternative media are bought, paid for and controlled by self-serving interests who herd us in one direction or another for one reason or another with little regard for life, liberty or the pursuit of happiness.

Are their efforts coordinated by “illuminati”? No clue. Are they the mad pawns of extraterrestrials? No clue. Are the End Times upon us? No clue.

But more to the point, do I rage against the machine? I do not. Do I feel any responsibility toward others of my species? None beyond the minimum requirements of the Golden Rule. Toward the planet? Ditto. My disdain doesn’t fire me up sufficiently to march or organize, but it does keep me awake, and being awake means not keeping my eyes on the prizes we’re offered. I’m a tiny speck of grit in the machine, rather than the tiny speck of lubricant that I’m told I should be. That’s my contribution to the general welfare … and to my own welfare. It’s the best that I’m prepared to do. You’re welcome.