After shooting Jay Spivey’s “Last Word” column on Wednesday, I tried to think of something that I’d done or thought or been as a kid that I’m as nostalgic about as he is about little league baseball. Nothing came to mind.

This isn’t because my kid years weren’t what they ought to have been. All in all, they were exemplary. It’s because everything that I’ve ever enjoyed doing I continue to do.

Another man I’ve known for several years told me recently that he’s a classically trained musician. I’d had no idea. “I just burned out,” he said.

I’m fortunate never to have burned out in that way, and never to have had circumstances take away from me some piece of my life that I wanted to hold on to. The good stuff has been brought forward, improved for the most part, and the bad stuff … well, it’s around here somewhere, I guess. I tend to lose track of it.