The joke

Valdas Kotovas
Valdas Kotovas and Brownie on location in Cleveland Park

A blind man is sitting on a park bench when a dog walks up to him and takes a leak on his leg. Immediately, the blind man reaches into his coat pocket and pulls out a sandwich. He offers it to the dog. Another man seated nearby says, “That’s very kind of you. Very forgiving.” “No, you don’t understand,” the blind man says, “I’m trying to find his mouth so I can kick him in the balls.”

Valdas Kotovas wants to produce a series of short videos that dramatize barroom jokes. If the idea catches on, he might start taking requests. Submit a joke, maybe see it brought to life.

To that end, ,Valdas, two actors, an assistant, a dog wrangler and a dog spent about 90 minutes yesterday shooting the blind man joke in Cleveland Park. I played the blind man and Jeff Sumerel played the other man. Brownie, shown here, played the dog. Brownie is a chihuahua. He shivers.

March 27 update: The completed video can be viewed here.