WordPress redesign complete

WordPress logoOkay, not completely complete, but substantially complete. Better than MVP complete.

It’s taken me almost two weeks to reconstitute the contents of my now former static HTML site inside the WordPress CMS framework. 431 blog posts, for instance, many involving video embeds, audio players and multiple hyperlinked images.

In once case, I had to rebuild a Flash (SWF) file as an animated GIF because WordPress has no native support for SWF. In all cases, YouTube link and embed code had to be rewritten to conform to WordPress shortcode and, since I was in there getting my hands dirty, I upgraded the links to HD.

Yet to come are a proper contact form, meaning one that includes a captcha box, and a site search box that isn’t ugly. (I could activate the search window now, but … well … it’s ugly.) Also coming are an RSS button, better slideshow navigation on the print portfolio and photography portfolio pages, more interesting (and dynamically generated) homepage content and replacement of all remaining static HTML content with either PHP or, at a minimum, PDF content.

So yes, there’s more to do. The hardest and largest part of the work is behind me, though. Thank you WordCamp Atlanta 2013 for getting me motivated and thank you Coffee Underground for letting me spend way more time at my table this week than my purchases justified.