God awful

GOD AWFUL film poster detailA small cadre of 20-somethings were debating the merits of jQuery to my right. A somewhat larger cadre of 40-something, 50-something and 60-something late-to-the-gamers were listening respectfully to my left. I sat between them asking questions.

It was a convivial enough WordPress meetup, and my first ever, but not a very enlightening one. As the 20-somethings drank beer and the spectators drank diet Pepsi, I drank an energy drink that I’d found in the refrigerator after finding few answers at the table.

That, dear reader, is why I drove to Atlanta on Sunday, checkbook in hand (in backpack, actually), to buy what I was after from one of the presenters at last month’s WordCamp.

A woman named Judi Knight. Who had the goods.


Scarcely ten minutes after I’d finished uploading my most recent tribute to Tiny Town, a YouTube subscriber named billybonewhacker posted these comments to the page: “… hilarious … your videos are great .. that place is God awful!”

Indeed it is, billybonewhacker, indeed it is, and thank you for the inspiration. If it runs in next month’s issue of Fete, which it might or might not, the video spread will be titled “GOD AWFUL” and you, sir, will be cited.