I’m one of those self-promoters who’s fairly conflicted about self-promotion. You’d think that 15 years of marketing and 30 years of theatre would have made telling the world how hot I am just about second nature, but telling the world how hot I am still feels like bragging.

This website was conceived as an advertisement, believe it or not. I used to publish snappy articles here about design and branding and I kept my landing page fresh with new examples of my work. Hire me, it said, and you’ll drink deeply at the fountain of my creative wisdom.

Then the advertisement, such as it was, sprouted a blog, which in the present case was kind of like a tail sprouting a dog. An act both unexpected and fitting.

Or to put it another way, imagine a lobby evolving into a living room. Popular magazines disappearing and unpopular books taking their place. Customers coming through the door, but finding no one at the front desk because there is no front desk. It’s a kitchen. And where one should sit isn’t obvious.

Judi Knight reminded me last week that my website might serve everybody better if I at least put a sign somewhere advising customers that I’m still in business and inviting them to take a brochure. That’s what I’ve spent the last two weeks doing. Trying to make my living room feel and function more like a lobby.