Monkey gods

Now queued for publication, a bad driving rant. Working title “Dumb Ass”. And, by sheerest coincidence, followed in the studio three days later by another rant, one that focuses on bad cycling. Working title “Monkey Gods”. Based on a January blog post.

The Dumb Ass piece was an opportunity to unroll my little-used chromakey drop and rocket a man down the highway at 150 miles per hour. Backward. The monkey piece (magazine embed layout here) was an opportunity to build a tightly edited, properly lit, two-person conversation that doesn’t involve me talking to myself about me. More to come in that same vein. Other topics, other collaborators. Same restaurant table.

Both rants are running in the June issue of fête and June, as you are no doubt aware, is National Safety Month. Or should that be National Insurance Industry Loss Prevention Month? Twin sons of different mothers, wouldn’t you say?