October launch

My collaboration with FernCreek Creative continues this month with the launch of a new WordPress website for Lake Conestee Nature Park. We decided to build the site ourselves, rather than farm it out to a specialty shop, mainly because we wanted to keep the park’s marketing materials as graphically consistent as possible. Consistency, I’ve learned, is a dish best prepared by one cook either working alone or running the kitchen by fiat.

As urban amenities go, LCNP is unusual, definitely not the kind of thing that you’d expect to find so near the center of a city the size of Greenville.

Miles of trails, paved and unpaved, meander through the park’s hundreds of acres of tamed wetland habitat where heron, beaver, deer and otter coexist with innumerable lesser lifeforms along the scenic but technically impure Reedy River. Viewing stations, boardwalks, benches, bridges, interpretive signs and other discreet embellishments abound.

It’s even a good place to bring one’s cat, provided she’s tethered to her companion and no children or cyclists swoop in to disturb her serenity.