Unnatural acts

On November 4, 1909, Lord Brabazon of Tara strapped this waste paper basket containing this pig to the wing strut of his aeroplane and flew from Kent to the Isle of Sheppey. The sign on the basket reads, “I am the first pig to fly.”

An interesting conversation with two colleagues this weekend. One a born again Christian, or formerly so, who says that he wants nothing to do with a God who would under any circumstances damn His children to Hell. The other a nondenominational man who rejects consensus reality altogether. “You have to know how to read the code,” he says.

A coffee bar conversation within earshot as I write this … “The point is the purpose of manifestation,” one says. “If the seed of God is within us, are we even capable of sin?” asks another. Six young men bent over Bibles and notebooks.

Let the triangulation begin.