Abundance equivocates

A friend suggested recently that if I were serious about getting involved with a volunteer organization, I’d be involved with one by now. Good point, I thought. She’d sent me a link to a site where volunteer opportunities of all kinds are posted and I’d browsed it for a while without anything piquing my interest. Well over one hundred requests for assistance, everything from filing to tutoring to simple carpentry to visiting the sick and dying. Plenty of choices, but nary a wiggle.

I do think it’s important that whatever I end up doing appeal to me on some level because I also believe that volunteering shouldn’t be drudgery. Surely, though, surely there was something on that list that I would enjoy. Assuming, of course, that my seasonal urge to “make a difference” is anything but hot air.

So round and round I go again, just as I always do at this time of year when want is keenly felt and abundance rejoices and people like me quote Dickens in lieu of making good on stated intentions.

(Click image for more legible equivocation)