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The Oregon Trail'R FronTear. Queen size bed inside. Galley in back.
The Oregon Trail’R FronTear. Queen size bed inside. Galley in back.

I’ve been threatening for over a year to cash out of the loft condo and buy a tiny home. Temptation waxes and wanes on that one, but lately an even stranger lifestyle has appeared on my horizon. The teardrop trailer.

At the low end, teardrop trailers are basically coffins on wheels. At the high end, though, they’re beautifully hand-crafted lilliputian luxury homes weighing an average of 1,000 pounds and offering some version of everything the minimalist in me requires to feel civilized. Admittedly, I say this never having lived in one or even seen one in person, but the research I’ve done is convincing.

With the addition of a roll-up solar panel (not cheap!) and a few well-chosen pieces of camping gear, it seems to me that a man and his cat could live in relative comfort off the grid indefinitely, provided they had easy access to about five gallons of clean water a day.