Le deluge

What’s the thing that causes the tide to pull way, way back right before it blasts you all to hell? A hurricane? A tsunami? I’m picturing Maximilian Schell serenely embracing his daughter during the final moments of “Deep Impact” just as the water rushes out and a not-quite-extinction-level event comes rushing in.

So please forgive the melodrama, but that’s kind of how it feels to be me right now. A few more days of coffee and reading and then … le deluge. Projects upon projects. Loins girding in three, two …


Today’s video embed, based on last month’s “Duck soup” blog post, will appear in the January 2014 edition of Fete Greenville. It has nothing to do with workloads or hurricanes, but it might be the last such thing I produce until “Sherlock Holmes” closes in April. Think of it as a postcard from balmy, pre-apocalyptic times.