In January, somebody kicked the Gates of Opportunity wide open. Three new clients bearing video projects, branding projects, web development projects and print design projects stepped through and two prospective clients had to be thanked for their interest, but asked to seek services elsewhere. I’m only one person, you see, and I do need to spend some of each 24-hour cycle eating and sleeping.

But that’s not the whole story.

A better man than I, a more ambitious one perhaps, or a younger one, or one fonder of money, or with a keener understanding of the vicissitudes of retirement, would have found a way to pull those last clients through. He’d have slept a little less and eaten standing up. He’d have foregone his morning walks into town and his open-ended reading hour at the coffee shop. He’d have limited his podcast time and his kitty-petting time and he’d have cut back on the time he spends staring into space.

He’d have done at least those things and maybe, because he’d be the kind of man who does them willingly or even eagerly, they’d have made him happy.

Of course I’m only speculating.