Not sucking

The Coffee Scene coffee bar in Fayetteville, NC, whence came this morning's espresso and gelatoStreaming a podcast via the Moto X this crisp spring morning, a triple espresso chasing the gelato into my prefrontal cortex, or maybe running from it, Google’s navigation app reminding me at intervals when to turn left or right and the highway between Fayetteville and Sanford smooth as glass, my thoughts turned toward tomorrow’s matinee and next week’s unified auditions in Hotlanta, toward potentials and probabilities, toward the pervasive ease of use that defines my life right now, and I thought to myself, “This doesn’t suck at all.”

Uploading the rough-cut for a new video project to the cloud last night scarcely a week after uploading the final render for another, I thought to myself, “No, friend, sucking definitely is what this does not do.”

Acadia nesting in one of her many nesting places at The James.No debt or discomfort. A few friends and no enemies. None that I’m aware of. A decent place to live within walking distance of downtown and reliable transportation for longer hauls and inclement weather.

Acadia healthy and happy and curled up in the crook of my arm at the moment making it difficult to type.

Whoever you are, whatever you are, if you’re reading this, my compliments. Thank you. Well done.