What I know about shipping logistics would fit comfortably inside the crack of a Fedex driver’s ass, but dang, ya’ll. Have you ever stopped to consider what’s involved in getting packages from point A to point B? And the fact that we’re able to track those packages in real time is downright supernatural.

Today, for instance, I’ll accept delivery of a laptop that I’ve been tracking since it traveled from China to California. At both places, more logistics were brought to bear as pieces and parts were added, those pieces and parts themselves the results of other logistics, branching and branching back down the supply chain to rare earth mines and silicon mines and even those operations kept running by networks of their own that rely on other networks still, and others, and others, and on and on.

All the way back to the Big Bang, I guess.

Kinda makes a man want to poke his finger in the soil, drop a seed down the hole and wait for rain.