Hammond Song

The RochesBy 1984, I was doing more theater, smoking more pot and having more illicit sex than I’d ever dreamed possible … or ever would again. (Had I known at the time that this would be the case, I’d have taken better notes, but who can predict such things?)

(And to be honest, my dreams in those days were pretty tame.)

I was watching a lot of MTV, too. Untold hours spent glued to the television, a remote in one hand,  a joint in the other. Van Halen’s “Jump” was in heavy rotation.

There’s another song, though, one from way at the other end of the spectrum.  Three sisters – Maggie and Terre and Suzzy Roche – The Roches, collectively – singing the second track of their eponymous debut album. Smart, playful lyrics. Tight, playful harmony.  Acoustic guitar. It was called “Hammond Song” and when I hear it today … well … yeah … It takes me there.