Good faith

Applied Theatre CenterFernCreek Creative and I have been working with the Applied Theatre Center since 2010, our most recent contribution being a WordPress website launched this weekend. It replaces the static HTML site that we built to round out the company’s first branding package four years ago.

We’ve also provided copy writing, editing, ad placement, photography, videography and collateral design services, as well as public relations, media relations and grant writing consultation. The whole agency schmeer.

The product we’re promoting is a suite of theatrical techniques used to foster communication, healing, growth and development among a range of groups, from members of the homeless and prison communities to veterans to people on the autism spectrum. From Greenville to Singapore to Puerto Rico to New York City to Nacogdoches, Texas.

I met ATC founder Dale Savidge in 2009 when he was hired to direct “The God Committee” at Centre Stage, and I took an instant liking to him. In conversation with him about our dissimilar beliefs, I’ve been impressed by how inclusive and love-driven his theology is. He brings carrots where others bring sticks.

Speaking of nonjudgementally charismatic Christians, here’s a Lutheran minister unlike any you’ve seen: Nadia Bolz-Weber. If only the College of Cardinals could be persuaded to elect a non-Catholic female Pope, one with spiky hair and plenty of tattoos. If only.