Boards in Space!

Mission: Impact!One thing I look forward to each year is the opportunity to invent a graphical theme for the SC School Boards Association’s annual convention. They give me a title, I give them a theme.

This year’s title entered the graphics mill as “Mission impact – Ordinary people doing extraordinary things” and came out the other end as “Mission: Impact! – Ordinary people doing extraordinary things!” mainly because I read a LOT of science fiction. And since most of the science fiction I read is vintage, the words “mission” and “impact” immediately brought to mind the juvenile science fiction book jacket illustrations of the early Cold War era.

The rocket ship and exhaust cloud were created in Illustrator, making liberal use of Illustrator’s mesh tool, and the layout was assembled in InDesign. Two fonts were purchased from Comicraft: “Monster Mash” (main title) and “Speeding Bullet”.