The Almighty’s dollar

Kenneth and Gloria Copeland
Kenneth and Gloria Copeland

Meanwhile, writing in the March 2013 issue of Kenneth Copeland Ministries’ “Believer’s Voice of Victory” magazine, Keith Moore assures subscribers that material wealth and spiritual health aren’t the strange bedfellows we’ve been led to believe they are. “When the Lord gives us wealth,” he says, “we can enjoy it. It glorifies him!”

According to Moore, “the way you acquire something is more important than what you acquire.” He offers as a cautionary example the preacher who raises money for an orphanage, then spends that money on a sports car. “You would rightly think that was wrong!” Moore confirms.

If, on the other hand, “a preacher sowed seed and believed God for a sports car and the Lord provided the money in an honest way, or someone gave him a sports car – that car would be a gift from the Lord. Right? There was nothing underhanded. There was only a man standing in faith and believing for God to provide a sports car. God would get the glory for blessing that preacher.”

Elsewhere in the same edition, we learn that Ken and Bea Sprouse of Oklahoma had their debts wiped out and a sizable lawsuit dismissed after Ken “spent months locked away devouring every book and tape KCM offered.” Since that time, the Sprouses “have enjoyed 12 free cruises, traveled the world and preached the gospel in India seven times.”

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