As a newspaper feature writer in the 90s, I cranked out many a puff piece and travelogue, likewise many a theatre and restaurant review. Even some actual reportage.

I left the newsroom to become an ad agency “writer/strategist” and that gig lasted about two Earth orbits around the sun. Which brings us to “Pimp My Reality,” the ufology column I wrote for Technorati.com, not to be confused with any of the plays that I wrote and scored for kids. Eight are listed below.

You can read a magazine-style sample of my work by clicking here: “Confessions of a Facebook Fraud.”


Written for teachers concerned with “teaching to the standards”. Though not a musical, it does feature a balladeer. (Audio: balladeer’s dance)
Script | Lead sheets | mp3 (“Scop dance”)

Rudolph Rides AgainRudolph Rides Again

A bitter, cranky Rudolph is called out of retirement to save Christmas from the new breed of reindeer. But Rudolph has a secret fear.
Script | Lead sheets | mp3 (“Quality Sells”)


An absent-minded all-purpose ghost, rock ‘n roll goblins, and, of course, Ebeneezer Scrooge. An irreverent adaptation of the classic. (Audio: instrumental intro)
Script | Audio | mp3 (Humbug! intro)

Practically Peter PanPractically Peter Pan

Done without fly rigging, but with a chorus of Wienerbun Indians led by Chief Chilidog … ramalama-ding-dong. (Audio: Hook’s plan to trap Pan.)
Script | mp3 (“The Trap”)

The Prince and the PauperThe Prince and the Pauper

Twain’s original lacked a gypsy cannibal character named Drop Dead Dorothy. I added that back in. (Audio: in praise of his majesty’s feet)
Script | Lead sheets | mp3 (“His Majesty’s Feet”)

Oliver TwistOliver Twist, With a Twist

Bears a vague resemblance to something Charles Dickens wrote. Takes place in a courtroom. (Audio: Dickens speaks from the grave)
Script | mp3 (Charles Dickens VO intro)

Baillie's Babes in ToylandBaillie’s Babes In Toyland

Victor Herbert was soooo long-winded. I used his Victorian operetta as the basis for this 45-minute adaptation. (Audio: instrumental intro)
Script | mp3 (Intro music)

Romeo and JulietRG’s Romeo & Juliet

This adaptation of Shakespeare’s romantic tragedy has caused plenty of weeping in public school cafetoriums across the Southeast.