Snow! (sort of)

Axis AX-5330 AirEven as I write this, snowflakes are falling from the sky at the rate of maybe one flake per 1,000 cubic feet of air. My friend in Tryon (about 30 miles north of here) reports two inches, though, so maybe more is headed our way. Doubtful, but maybe.

Meanwhile, Coal Creek is selling like hotcakes. It’s already the most popular New Play Festival winner ever produced by Centre Stage.


Word from Temple Theatre in Sanford, NC is that my October gig prospects there might be on the wane. A scheduling conflict, they say. My prospects of a guest artist contract in November/December at a local university, however, are waxing.


A few weeks ago, I bought an electric shaver to replace the old Braun with the damaged foil that had been scratcing my face. It’s an Axis AX-5330 Air. Cool name, but I’d never heard of Axis, so I visited in search of answers. There, I discovered that Axis is the official grooming tool of something called the UFC. I’d never heard of them, either, so I visited their Web site and the best I’ve been able to determine is that UFC athletes fight in cages. It’s very Roman Empire. I should warn you, therefore, that, should circumstaces warrant, my electric shaver is quite prepared to kick your shaver’s ass. No, wait … your shaver’s bitch ass.